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Hi Everyone,

My name is Lanise Curtis. I love love love to write and joining this community I feel as though I'm around people who love the same thing which makes joining that much better. I hope you give my online soap 'The Lies We Tell' a chance and read it. If you enjoy it add me and enjoy my story as I post a segment everyday. Here is a preview of ' The Lies We Tell'.......

“ Come on Ira what do you think of Mark?” Isabelle asked applying her rich red colored lipstick. Ira sighed while fixing her hair. “ I don’t really like him belle”. Isabelle turned to look at her friend giving her a blank stare. “ What, you wanted my opinion and that’s what it is”. “ How can you honestly say that when he has been nothing but a gentlemen all night”. “ You mean to tell me your fooled by that front he’s putting on”. “ I happen to think he’s a nice guy”. “ Trust me those are the worse of the kind…they pretend to be this knight and shining armor when you first start talking to them and then when they get comfortable there jerks”. Isabelle went silent thinking about what Ira had said. “ Maybe your wrong”. Ira’s face went cold surprised from Isabelle taking up for herself. She never had a mind of her own and usually went along with whatever Ira said. Truth was Ira wanted Mark for herself, and planned to paint Mark as this bad guy so Isabelle would drop him and she could move in for the kill.~ Isabelle must really like him….time for plan B~ Ira thought. “ He has you wrapped around his finger already?”. “ No Ira I just really like him…I think he may be the one”. If a person’s mouth could drop to the floor from shock Ira’s would certainly have. “ Come on I don’t want Mark waiting to long for us”. Ira pulled fixed up her black dress before following behind her.

At the table

Ira watched Mark’s strong caramel skin hand grab for his wine glass, and swirling it before bringing it to his full lips to drink in amazement. Never had she felt something so strong for a guy or maybe never a strong urge to be bedmates. If only he could be hers but what was standing in her way was her best friend Isabelle. Remembering Isabelle she looked towards her with a feeling of growing jealousy. “ Ira?” Isabelle called. “ What?”. “ I was asking how you and Lucas met”. “ We were at the grocery store…and I saw her walk pass me and had to ask her out”. Ira was glad Lucas answered for her…with Mark around everything went blank . “ That sounds romantic…so what date number is this?” Mark asked. “ Three” Ira spout hurriedly in a rush to beat Lucas. Then silence engrossed them as they ate. Not wanting to wait any longer to make a move Ira ran her foot up Mark’s leg ending between them. Mark tensed up from the feeling while looking at Ira. She smiled back as she was about to eat a piece of steak.

After dinner


Isabelle walked hand in hand with Mark as they left the restaurant. Not to far behind them was Ira who had her arms folded walking two paces in front of Lucas. Before they could hit the entrance Mark’s cell went off causing him to stop. Pulling out the phone he looked at the number quickly. “ Do you mind if I take this?” he asked Isabelle as Ira and Lucas caught up. “ Sure take it”. “ Thanks”. He walked away into the hallway for the bathrooms. “ Where is he going?” Ira asked. “ To take a phone call”. “ Well while he’s doing that I’m going to go to the bathroom”.


“ Hello”. “ You finally answer your phone tonight”. “ David?”. “ Yeah it’s me…where have you been and why haven’t you been picking up”. “ I’m out and just turned my phone back on”. David let out some air as if relieved. “ You had me worried”. “ Don’t be I can handle myself…what do you want?”. “ Why so harsh tonight?”. “ I’m kind of in a rush at the moment”. “ I was calling to see if you wanted to come through tonight?”. Mark looked up to see Ira walking his way.


Ira saw Mark standing next to the men’s bathroom on the phone. As she got closer she heard him saying I’ll be there before hanging up quickly and placing the phone in his pocket. “ Late night booty call?” she asked walking up to him. “ And if it was?”. “ I’m jealous…wish it was me on the other end”. “ You don’t have any lines when it comes to anything do you?”. “ No” Ira said walking closer to him. “ Your flirting with your friends date”. “ I know I’m not five”. “ I see from the little foot game you were playing”. “ Did you like that?” Ira said now an inch from him. “ I would be lying if I said I didn’t”. Ira smiled. “ There’s more where that came from” she whispered before taking his lips. He grabbed onto her waist and met her kiss with full force. After a minute of lip locking they broke the kiss to come up for air. “ You know we crossed a line we can never step back over right”. “ I know” Ira pulled out a card and placed it in his pocket. “ Call me whenever you get bored”. “ I will” he said wiping his lips before walking away…..

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