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We are soon to be starting a shoebox project in my creative writing class, and the first step is to figure out what types of things our shoebox needs to contain and/or display. But of course we have to do it creatively.

Our assignment was to write three "biography" poems. The style or format or whatever was pre-set, we just had to come up with the metaphors and write them.

The first two are "I used to be, now I am" poems.

I used to be
a dirty, unclean lake,
neglected and stagnant.
Now I am
a travelling raincloud;
all the colors reflect off of me.

I used to be
an ugly duckling
but now I am
a beautiful swan.
All the drakes watch me go,
all the ducks are jealous.

The next poem was supposed to have all the lines between our first and last name. Each line had a word or two it had to start with.

who is an idealist, an optimist, a fairytale believer
daughter of Irresponsibility and Manipulation
lover of truth and beauty
hater of the superficial and the shallow
who feels a distinct connection to the universe
who enjoys theorizing about everything
who finds people more interesting than anything
who needs to be loved like everyone else
who gives all of herself to just a few very important things
who fears mediocrity and monotony, and strangers
who wonders about every unanswered question
who would like to see the day that people are willing to understand each other
who is destined to cause a change to everything she touches
resident of a place that is far too small for her
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