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And the Dead Doves Fell, Chapters One and Two

Titles: 01. Accent Piece; 02. The Woman Before
Universe: And the Dead Doves Fell
Characters/Pairings: Jane Dest, Thomas, Nika/Qori
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: flashback

Excerpt Summary: Jane is a perfectly normal college-grad journalist slash painter. She goes through a boring routine every day and has a mild workplace rivalry with her gay coworker. Nothing exciting really happens in her tiny little North Carolina town, until one day a handsome stranger trips right over her. Unknown to her, Pretty Boy seems to have an interesting past.

AN: These are the first two chapters of my novel-to-be, which I hope to have finished before or around my sophomore year in college. I think the most I'll put up is the first three chapters and a few snippets when I want some feedback to avoid stealing, but still get people at least a little attached to the characters. Anyway, I'm very proud to have the first chapters completed, and I want to see if they're consistent and don't ramble, aren't confusing, etc.
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